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Ability of injection mold


Plastic injection mold

Due to the high capacity, multi cavity and multi die project craftsmen, precision is the first choice for CNC machining companies in the automotive, consumer goods and medical equipment industry leader. Our custom plastic mold design manufacturing and processing have very strict tolerances, and ultimately save the money for our customers. Accurate delivery of turnkey engineering services, from the initial design to the timely completion of the delivery of the mold.

Engineering change and maintenance

Whether it is an engineering change request to improve productivity or repair the damaged mold, we are all satisfied with your most tough expectations of a great sense of pride. Our experience in precision machining services almost guarantees that we have solved your problem, as a custom machine shop, we provide the time of delivery, quality and price, the sea of competitors have difficulty matching.

Custom plate processing

Customers recognize the complexity of the use of artisans tools, requires a high level of industry expertise to provide quality differences. As one of the most advanced CNC machining companies in the country, we have a large boring Mills and Blanchard grinding capacity, so that we can meet your most difficult expectations. Fast turnaround project is our professional, we can handle board size up to 120 x 95 inches.

Injection mould 

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Changzhou Conceptech Moulding Technology Co Ltd was Subsidiary of ChangHong technology Co Ltd (One Pubilc Company In China ),Conceptech Moulding Technology was Established by Automative Tool Expert with Strong Engineering Background ,Provided one station Service , comprising Part Analysis ,Tool Design ,Tool Fabrication,Injection Process Control and On site Service In Customer plant. Company occupy 6000 Square meter and 100 Skilled Employee Work In this Company .